How to Make Your Guilty Pasta Dish into Something You Can Feel Good About

TweetAdd Roasted Veggies Cook ziti and add cubed, roasted eggplant, zucchini, and onion. Roast and then puree some tomatoes, using olive oil for all roasting. Add parsley, basil, pepper, salt, and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar for flavor. If you prefer different veggies or a different style of noodle, substitute as you please. While you […]

hummus and veggies

These Healthy Snacks Can Help You NOT Derail Your Weight Loss Efforts

TweetSnacking is what often derails many people’s fitness efforts. Hunger in between meals can be intense, and many do not realize that the seemingly harmless “little bites” taken between meals can often add up to more calories and fat than healthy meals! Instead of allowing yourself to be taken down by midday hunger, plan ahead […]

rainbow veggie skewers

Toss these Amazing Combos on Skewers for Healthy Summer Dinners

TweetThe grill can make summer dinners much easier while allowing the whole family to continue to enjoy the outdoors through dinner. These simple skewers bring some amazing flavors and nutrition together without too much fuss. Rainbow Veggie Skewers Rainbow veggie skewers look absolutely beautiful and will definitely help you to fulfill your veggie quota for […]



3 Cardio Mistakes That You’re Probably Making

TweetYou’ve probably heard that cardio can help you burn fat and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If you have integrated it into your workout plan, kudos! However, make sure that you are not making one of these cardio mistakes that might be reducing the effectiveness of your efforts. Doing the Same Thing Over and Over […]


3 Exercises You Didn’t Know Counted As Cardio

TweetWhen we think of cardio, most of us think of running, biking, and other exercises of that nature. Cardio in a gym setting seems to be relegated strictly to the elliptical, at least in perception. Fortunately for those that hate these types of exercises, cardio is not limited to these few workouts. In actuality, cardio […]


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4 Tricks to Help You Counter Food Cravings without Going Crazy

TweetPut On Uplifting Music Many food cravings for diet-crashers like cupcakes are triggered by negative emotions. Since the food craving manifests as a specific food, it can be tough to realize that the craving is actually caused by stress. Putting on uplifting music may help the negative emotion to pass quickly. Really sitting and listening […]


Healthy Vegetable Soup

Tweet As the weather gets colder, there is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of hot soup. Soup is a perfect plan-ahead meal, as it refrigerates and reheats very well up to several days. Soup is generally healthier than many other types of comfort foods, just because of the hydrating liquid base and the […]


Exercise Every Day

TweetWhen thinking about losing weight, food is the first thing that usually comes to mind. A healthy diet plan is essential to losing weight and looking and feeling great. There are two parts to the equation, though, and exercise should not be overlooked. Exercise in conjunction with a healthy eating plan will help to quickly […]