3 Kickboxing Moves to Get You Jacked and Make You a Master of Self Defense

Kickboxing moves can help you to defend yourself and to be more fit and agile in situations. Kickboxing moves are also great moves for your everyday exercise routine because they use multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate up, causing you to burn fat. The following are a few kickboxing moves that can help to get you jacked, cut, and prepared to take on some situations.



An uppercut just feels powerful when you do it. To start, stand with your left foot forward and slightly bent and your fists tight. Drop your right hand low, bend your knees, and twist your hips in sync with your right arm as you bring your fist up and toward the ceiling. While you do the move, be sure to keep your left fist close to your face. Bring your arm back quickly, switch to the other foot, and thrust with the other arm, turning in the opposite direct than what you did the first time. Repeat for 30 seconds.