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Set Your Kitchen Up for Weight Loss Success

It may seem like a stretch, but the way that your kitchen is set up can actually have a tremendous impact on your weight. Major renovations are not needed; simple changes can make all of the difference. Following are a few fast and easy ways that you can change your kitchen to facilitate healthy choices and ultimately weight loss. Hide the Junk Food Keeping junk food in … [Read more...]

Cut Added Sugars to Get Fit Fast

We all know that sugar is not great for us, but most of us are confused about how much is okay, how much is too much, and how to cut back on the sugar intake. Most of us also have no idea why it is bad or why cutting it out will help us to lose weight and get fit. What Do Our Bodies Do With Sugar? When we eat foods or drink beverages that are high in sugar, our pancreases are … [Read more...]

Stocking up on Healthy Foods is the First Step to Weight Loss Success

Every day we’re bombarded by ads for food, and many times those food options advertised aren’t very good for us. Modern Americans have adapted to a diet laden with carbs, salt, and fat, even though our bodies are not efficient at shedding the excesses these foods leave behind. Our ancestors thrived on meals of natural foods that fed them the proteins and nutrients necessary to … [Read more...]