4 Tips to Help You Sneak More Fitness into Your Life without the Dread

Getting fit is an awesome goal and thinking about getting fit can be motivating and encouraging. Unfortunately, thinking about the exercise sessions that lead to that goal fill many of us with dread. If you want to see results, but find yourself feeling glum and anxious every time you think about picking up the weights or driving to the gym, this blog’s for you. The following … [Read more...]

Why Is It So Hard to Eat Less Meat? There Are Actually at Least 3 Good Reasons

By now most of us have heard that eating less meat is good for our waistlines, overall health, and the health of the planet. As long as eating less meat means eating more of the things that are good for us, like vegetables and fruits, eating less or even no meat can have a dramatic positive impact on our health. Breaking away from eating meats can be so hard, though. Why is … [Read more...]