3 Kickboxing Moves to Get You Jacked and Make You a Master of Self Defense

Kickboxing moves can help you to defend yourself and to be more fit and agile in situations. Kickboxing moves are also great moves for your everyday exercise routine because they use multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate up, causing you to burn fat. The following are a few kickboxing moves that can help to get you jacked, cut, and prepared to take on some … [Read more...]

3 Cardio Mistakes That You’re Probably Making

You’ve probably heard that cardio can help you burn fat and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. If you have integrated it into your workout plan, kudos! However, make sure that you are not making one of these cardio mistakes that might be reducing the effectiveness of your efforts. Doing the Same Thing Over and Over If you are doing exactly the same cardio workout at … [Read more...]

3 Exercises You Didn’t Know Counted As Cardio

When we think of cardio, most of us think of running, biking, and other exercises of that nature. Cardio in a gym setting seems to be relegated strictly to the elliptical, at least in perception. Fortunately for those that hate these types of exercises, cardio is not limited to these few workouts. In actuality, cardio is anything that raises your heart rate and strengthens your … [Read more...]