Stocking up on Healthy Foods is the First Step to Weight Loss Success


Every day we’re bombarded by ads for food, and many times those food options advertised aren’t very good for us. Modern Americans have adapted to a diet laden with carbs, salt, and fat, even though our bodies are not efficient at shedding the excesses these foods leave behind. Our ancestors thrived on meals of natural foods that fed them the proteins and nutrients necessary to hunt, fish, perform heavy manual labor and guess what? They did not have an obesity problem, nor did they suffer from many of the diseases that excess weight and nutrient-lacking, empty calorie diets can cause.  Only in the past 50 years or so, since the advent of fast food and increased  production of high carb drinks and treats took on a life of its own has man learned the consequences of eating to satisfy empty calorie cravings.

Today, we have unlimited access to carb-laden foods, and in fact healthy, natural foods are not as easily obtained.  But our biology hasn’t changed, and as a result we are eating foods that our bodies simply can not metabolize properly. America in now a nation with an obesity epidemic that gets worse every year, but the good news is that there are ways to break old habits and resist cravings for high carb, high fat foods. It begins with will-power, something only you can control, and there’s no place more important to exert your will-power than at the grocery store.

Buy Healthy, Eat Healthy

The first rule of grocery shopping is, don’t go hungry.  This is no cliche; countless studies have found that shopping for food on an empty stomach leads to making some terrible food choices, as the hungry brain reacts to every tasty treat within reach. Instead, go shopping with a full stomach and resist any residual urge to buy anything other than healthy, low carb, low sodium, low fat foods. We understand that this easier said than done when you’re used to your own brands of comfort foods, but if you’re serious about changing your eating habits and those of your family, stocking your shelves with only healthy food choices removes the ability to succumb to late night carb cravings when there’s none in the house.

You have to commit to changing your eating habits, and the first week or two may be a bit of a struggle, but it’s worth it to draw on your will-power to change your old habits. If you think you can’t learn to love healthy foods, wait until the first time you discover you can satisfy a food craving with a healthy serving of fruit or veggies, a lean piece of meat or a chicken salad. Before you know it, those are the foods you’ll be craving. In fact, as your body loses weight, your energy levels improve, your sleeping habits stabilize, your body becomes regular, your skin clears up and you feel like a healthier, happier person, those old carb-filled cravings will vanish. Funny how our bodies know intuitively what is good for us!

Go ahead, take the plunge and begin replacing those old dietary staples of yours with healthier foods.  There may be some learning curves, so we recommend that you read up on eating nutritiously, buy locally grown produce, and take advantage of all available sources of information on healthy eating.

There are some excellent apps available such as,  to help you create healthy grocery lists and plan ahead for healthy meals.




  1. so very true!

  2. Darn you, natural instincts.

  3. Andrea Jameston says:

    I learned this the hard way! I kept failing at my diet and was always wondering why… turns out, if there’s cake in the fridge, I’m gonna eat it at midnight! Haha

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